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Exchange Agents abroad send us students!

If you are an agent that organizes cultural exchange programmes and are looking for a reliable partner, please contact us to info@intohungary.com

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For Students

Hungary is a central European country whose capital and largest city is Budapest. Approximately 800 American students study abroad in Hungary each year. The official language of Hungary is Hungarian but English is widely used. Each year over 8.6 million people travel to Hungary to enjoy its beautiful landscapes, making it one of the 30 most popular tourist destinations in the world and a great place to study abroad. Hungary is a relatively inexpensive city with quality education, many historical attractions and inexhaustable cultural and leisure opportunities. 

A lively, friendly and exciting city rich in history and cultural achievement, Budapest has more than 2 million inhabitants.  The city’s theaters, cinemas, cafes festivals, sports events and lively nightspots make it one of Europe’s most attractive study abroad destinations.

Present day Budapest is split into Buda on the western bank of the Danube, with its Castle, Royal Palace and historic old town.  Pest on the eastern bank is the city’s commercial, political heart and home to Corvinus University with its imposing buildings on the river banks.

Hills and forests in Hungary make for amazing sceneries, regardless of the cold winters and hot summers. Hungary is truly a beautiful country, full of diverse culture, traditions, amazing architecture and a vibrant lifestyle, offering many options for any visitor. On a typical lazy day one can sit by the Danube River in a cafe, or enjoy a serving of the paprika spiced Goulash that makes Hungary's most popular dish in one of the many restaurants. 

Our students are placed with local host families, both in the capital and countryside, and they attend the local high school. 

Come to Hungary and experience the Hungarian culture and traditions,  and the warmth of the Hungarian host families. We are looking forward to welcome you!